Health and Wellness Copywriter for the Mama doing it ALL

You’re a female entrepreneur juggling parenthood and entrepreneurship.

Mom is not the only title you’ve got.

You’re also a badass CEO.

Your days are FILLED with everything under the sun.

Meal planning, call schedules, back to school shopping, biz presentations, lunch box packing, client work, endless laundry, biz tax seasons, and oh goodness, let’s not forget about taking care of ….yourself!

You see where I’m going, right?

You’re busy AF, and you’re ready to delegate your copywriting & content writing needs.

Like your precious little(s), your business is kind of like an extension of you… you had the idea, you mustered up the courage to pursue it, you prepared for it, you created it, and now you want to nurture the heck out of it.

Makes sense & I totally get it!

Let’s make your business thrive with some freaking good copywriting & content writing.

Maelyn Murray Health and Wellness Copywriter


If you answered YES to any of the above- You are in the right place!

I want to help you:

→Attract your dream clients in a way that speaks to them.

→Build authority in your field with spectacular content.

→Add value to your copy & content by infusing you & psychology based writing techniques.

→And sell out your one of a kind offers & highlight everything that makes you the undeniable choice.

Maelyn Murray Health and Wellness Copywriter

Take the anxiety and stress out of organizing your words, and establish your voice among the competition.

I mean sure, someone else might be offering something similar, but there is only ONE you, and only one business that offers exactly what YOU do!

Think about it… you’ve built a beautiful life for yourself and your family… you’ve already done amazing things!

So, let’s write words that match in your biz.

I see you doing the most – You’ve kept up with everything that comes along with being a parent AND the CEO of a business, and you’ve done a freaking amazing job (if you do say so yourself!) – but, at the same time, your list keeps growing, your 24/7 job as a parent is exhausting, and you’re ready to outsource…*SPOILER ALERT* – you don’t have to feel stuck on that struggle bus anymore mama!

It’s okay to hand off items that aren’t necessarily in your zone of genius!


It’s okay to give yourself some room to breathe and have a fresh set of eyes that can both enrich and spark life into your business.

Take it from me mama, hire a copywriter (ME!) and take the pressure of writing content & copy off for good.

Confidently share your business with the world with writing that sounds and feels like you.

Save time, attract ideal clients, and make money!


Are you ready to unapologetically take time off, spend time with your family & friends, and re-focus on doing the things you love the most?

As a parent and health & wellness professional, you know the power of words.

It helps people connect, even when it feels impossible.

Now more than ever, people crave connection with others, and your business could be the next best thing to pop up on their screen!

Tbh, in today’s world an online presence is crucial for every business – I mean, think about it – most people get their information from their handy dandy smartphones, right?

This is where I can help make your business be the answer they are looking for & the solution at the top of their search!

Reclaim that time with your little and spend the entire day laptop free, doodling around in the backyard – soaking up the sun.

Schedule a day with your friends – sipping your fav beverages, eating without little hands scrambling every piece of your food, and gabbing your hearts out.

And finally – have the ability to lock in that coveted alone time with your S/O – You know, like a conversation adult to adult -which as a know are rare!

Basically? Do more of what YOU want.

Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break!

Because, honestly? You deserve it.

Don’t you agree?

Maelyn Murray Health and Wellness Copywriter

Picture all the GOODNESS of….

→Announcing your new and improved website copy with pride and delight. Because not sharing it just feels wrong – because yes – it’s that good!

→Publishing blogs with ease and impact – sharing your biz & knowledge with the world and leading them back to your beautiful website!

→Posting consistent social media posts that engage your audience, teach them a little something, and make them feel like you just “get” them.

→Sending out monthly newsletters that keep your circle wanting MORE. Making them feel like being on that subscriber list is more than just a press of a button, but their monthly gab sesh of good advice, actionable tidbits, and ways to work with your talented self!

→Releasing open worthy email sequences that NEVER leave people feeling lost at the end. You’ve been invited into their inbox, and you don’t waste that honor! So, you’re keeping them up to date and sharing exclusive info & offers with *only* our subscribers.


Listen, your time is so important, and as a parent, you know it flies by!

Imagine the freedom to structure your day without worrying about writing for your business.


Work With Me

$2,500+ USD

Website copy that informs, builds trust & authority with your audience. Your website is your 24/7 sales representative. It’s there to answer any and all questions while you are away. Make sure its doing it’s job!

60 Min Strategy Call
Market research & competitor analysis
Basic SEO keywords to reach and resonate with your ideal clients
Up to 5 pages / 800-1,000 per page
1-2 rounds of edits

$800.00 USD 

2 blogs/month

*Only available on retainer* 

  • Written in your voice – blogs build trust and authority with your audience.
  • Each blog offers value & attracts your ideal clients right to you! 
  • Blogs help you rank, and grow your organic searches. 
  • Blog topics are easily transferable to social media & newsletter topics – which thoroughly connects your business. 


  • 60 Min Strategy Call/Month
  • 1000 word piece
  • 1-2 rounds of edits

*Minimum of 3 month commitment – 6 month commitment is recommended to start*

Starting at $600.00 USD
2 newsletters/month

*Only available on retainer*

  • Keep your happy customers coming back for more tips & offers that are made FOR THEM.
  • Consistently share your world with them, and connect it with theirs. Keep an open dialogue between you and your audience for an unmatched network.

60 Min Strategy Call
500+ word piece
1-2 round of edits

*Minimum of 3 month commitment – 6 month commitment is recommended to start*

$1,050.00 USD
5 part sequence

  • Keep your audience’s attention with open worthy emails. Each email will build from the last, creating a seamless flow for your subscriber. Picture them seeing an email ding from none other than YOU! And being super excited to read what’s inside!
  • Emails offer value and lead your audience to take action.
  • Consistent and relatable in every email.

60 min Strategy Call
5 part email sequence
1-2 rounds of edits

$1,200.00 USD 
12 posts (3 posts/week)

*only available on retainer*

  • Consistently keep in touch with your audience. Life is busy, so connect with people while they are on the go with quick and engaging social media posts!
  • Share quick tips, behind the scenes, your journey, customer transformations, and more!
  • Engage and resonate with your audience with the combo of both visual & word magic!

60 min strategy call/ per month
12 written posts
1-2 rounds of edits

*Minimum of 3 month commitment – 6 month commitment is recommended to start*

Looking for something long term? Ask me about my retainers!

(3 month, 6 month, 1 year – Minimum commitment of 3 months.)

*6 month commitment is recommended*

The Process

How does it work?


We talk about your goals and what your writing needs are. I will send you a detailed proposal.


You say YES! The 50% deposit is paid and the timeline is agreed upon. OR 100% of the total upfront for a retainer project.


You fill out the handy dandy client questionnaire that covers all our bases...and then - boom - You take a deep breath (and relax!) I'll take it from here


I research & write some amazing writing just for you


1-2 rounds of edits are made


You receive the final draft in a formatted google doc ready to be uploaded


What is copywriting?

Copywriting is content using persuasive language to get the reader to take action. Some examples are: purchasing something, opting in or subscribing to something, downloading/signing up for a freebie….the list goes on!

What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter creates clear, compelling copy to sell products and/or educate and engage potential customers or clients.

Why should I hire a copywriter?

Besides the benefit of saving you time! Copywriters provide immense value to your business. I help you build authority in your space and reach customers that convert – all in a way that sounds and feels like you! 

What is content writing?

Content writing is the writing that informs & attracts. It educates, nurtures, and entertains your audience.  Content writing builds the know, like , and trust factors.

It can include blog posts, social media captions, emails newsletters, ebooks, etc

What does a content writer do?

A content writer creates inspirational content. They are the the storyteller of the brand.

Why should I hire a content writer?

A content writer helps you stay consistent.  Staying in touch with your audience and providing valuable content is crucial to leading them to your copywriting’s action.

How do I know if you're the right copywriter /content writer for me?

It depends on what you are looking for and how much you are looking to invest. I really enjoy the free discovery calls to check if we are a fit for each other. During our meeting we can discuss your business needs, your budget, and how I can help you.

Do you write outside of the health and wellness space?

Yes. While health and wellness is my chosen space to write in, I am open to writing for other types of businesses!  So, even if you are not in the health and wellness space, feel free to still reach out to me!

Do you work on a project or hourly basis?

I work on a project base format.

Do you have a project minimum?

Yes, I have a project minimum of $300.00 USD. 


Who I am & what I do

Hello There!

Introducing Maelyn Murray Agency

Maelyn here! Your fellow mom & conversational copywriter for your bad ass business!

I am the proud owner and sole writer of Maelyn Murray Agency LLC. I specialize in website audits, website copy, blogs, newsletters, email sequences, and social media captions.

I am an animal lover – Fur mom to VERY spoiled Maine Coon cats and a human mom to a sweet baby boy. My husband and I said a big F-U to all the stereotypes and we love it! A few examples – I asked for HIS hand in marriage (he said yes!) and he is the stay at home parent!
Being a parent and business owner is chaotic, messy, and amazing. And I wouldn’t change a darn thing.

For as long as I can remember, clear communication has been one of my favorite love languages. I mean, who doesn’t love being understood & listened to, right?

The way we choose our words, our tones, and the delivery has always been something I love learning about and working through for myself and others.

You could say copywriting found me. After graduating with a bachelors in Psychology, the corporate work I found lacked the freedom & creativity I craved. So, I started a blog about my life to feed the artistic & interactive hunger I had.

Then, BAM! The world of copywriting trotted across my feed! I began to learn everything I could from courses, webinars, guides, ugh – you name it!

As I found my happy place within the copywriting world, I quickly realized I found my calling.

After my first client, I was hooked, and the rest you could say is history…

As parents, we push ourselves to our limits, we make things happen, and we keep the darn boat a float – but sometimes even when our minds and bodies are telling us to slow the F down – we just don’t know how.

The wellness space is heavily needed.

More importantly, it needs you.

Working with me releases the draining tension of needing to be “ON” all the time.

Look, I’m a parent too.

No need to show up with a clean 4X4 space behind the camera, make up, or snazzy outfit.

I’ll be your new messy bun, sweats, tea drinking, easygoing partner in crime (as in scary good content and copywriting).

Let’s showcase how your business helps those who need a little TLC, and give them the push to reach for it and grab it.

Ready to start your journey towards writing words that educates, resonates, and creates a bond with your audience?

Maelyn Murray Health and Wellness Copywriter


Get in touch with me and see if we are a good fit!

Maelyn Murray

Founder. Copywriter.

Keep up with my offers and follow me on social media! ( social media is not my fav, but you’ll see updates on there from time to time!)

Look friend, it’s okay to be a nervous nellie when figuring out how you want to show up.

Letting go of something super duper important like copy & content writing can be hard.

But the thing is, when you find a writer who you feel knows & understands you…for well, you…it becomes a super easy decision.

You know the feeling when you find someone who cares about your little one almost as much as you, and think , damn I hit the jackpot! … working with me feels like this.

I love your business and I root for your success as much as you… maybe even more!

I’d love to have a chat and learn more about you & your wonderful business!

And on top of getting to know each other as the HUMANS behind our businesses …

We get to work together and craft some amazing copywriting or content writing that makes NOT publishing just seem silly.

Snag a spot on my calendar or send me an email at

Let’s get going, friend!